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Help the Fairfield High School eSports team buy the computer equipment needed to compete with other schools

Thank you to everyone who participated in our US Cellular Community Connections fundraiser!

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eSports Club

This year we want to buy new computers designed for gaming. We will use donated money to buy computer components, and will train students to assemble team computers from those components.

The Fairfield High School eSports Club was founded in the 2018-2019 School year, enthusiasm among students was high, but our computer lab computers were not up to the demanding task of the online games used by our competitive area schools.

Benefits of Having an eSports Team


Computer Skills

eSports and computer games are a common entry for students into other areas of computer science.

The Fairfield eSports team emphasizes computer hardware and software understanding in the context of eSports and computer gaming.

Career Opertunities

Participation in the Fairfield eSports team is a great introduction to concepts of IT and computers

In addition to computer skills, players learn teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and working together to achieve common goals.

Intrest In College

eSports teams are very common at the college level, and students participating in teams and clubs can experience an easier transition to college by joining a team.

Participation in eSports teams can ignite a desire to learn more about computer hardware, software, and programming. This can be a great starting point for students to pursue computer science degrees.


Every connection a student has to school helps strengthen the valuable bond between students and staff in our school community.

Participation in teams and clubs such at eSports helps increase the graduation rate.

Healthy Behaviors

Sportsmanship and considerate competition values are central to eSports. Inclusiveness and respectful communication are central tenants of our team.

Inappropriate language or behavior is not tolerated, the team requires conscientious language.

Social Development

Participation in eSports helps develop teamwork and relationships between students with different backgrounds and interests.

Leadership opportunities, recruiting and training new members, and organizing competitions against other schools all help strengthen social development.

Benefits FHS

A diverse offering of extra-curricular activities helps recruit and retain students at FHS.

eSports is an offering that can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of students, including students who are seeking activities outside the arts and athletics.


Thank you Generous Donors

Tokyo Pen Shop supports Fairfield eSports

LISCO supports Fairfield eSports

US Cellular supports Fairfield eSports

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Iowa State Bank supports Fairfield eSports

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Agri Industrial supports Fairfield eSports

HyperX Gaming supports Fairfield eSports

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Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. supports Fairfield eSports

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